Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Can We Have a Do-over?

Life is crazy, and I'm not as busy as I think I am.

I know I'm not as busy as I think I am because I haven't crossed anything off my to do list in close to a week.  Which means that I'm doing stuff, but I'm not doing a lot of things to waste time so that I don't have to face what needs to be done.

Another problem is that I have been approaching this blog from the wrong direction.  I've been approaching this as if people actually read it.  Not to say that people won't ever read it, but right now I need to get my head into the game before I think about "my readers."

So, I'm going to take a step back and approach this as a personal blog focusing on my crochet work and nerdy tendencies... and anywhere else my mind wanders to I suppose.

But, for now, I've made the first move.  I've made a new post, and I do have some things that I want to share in this space.  But I'm being pressured to join my fiance and a close friend in Team Fortress 2, so I'm going to go waste a little time before making dinner.

Next time I post I'll start updating this blog with my recent and ongoing projects.

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