Sunday, April 15, 2012


At the Laundromat

In my house, Sunday is Laundry Day.  It is the one day of the week that my fiance wakes me up to get any sort of housework done.  This is because we have no washer or dryer in our carriage house apartment, but we have a routine that makes everything quick and painless... well, everything other than getting out of bed.

The laundromat is where we go to read comics, crochet and play pinball.  Yes, I said pinball; my laundromat has a pinball machine, Pac-man, and Galaga.  Recently the owners have even installed one of those touchscreen game consoles that you see at all the bars these days.  But mostly, the laundromat is where I crochet.  

At the laundromat I can only work on what I bring with me.  It is where I can force myself to work on whatever item just needs to be finished, no matter how tedious it is getting.  I finished several Christmas presents while sitting at the laundromat, and I've gotten many a tedious end woven in as well.  And perhaps a few sample swatches as well.

It's a good way to get all the laundry done in about an hour and a half and a good time to set aside for making progress on neglected projects.

On My Hooks This Week

I have two items on my hooks this week.

The first item is a Juliet Dress Vintage 1960s Hippie Ren Faire pictured below.
I should emphasize that this is the pattern picture and not my completed item.  I only have the base of the bodice and the beginning of the left sleeve crocheted so far, as seen below.
The yarn is Red Heart Eco-Ways, a 70% Acrylic, 30% recycled Polyester Blend in Sand.

This is the first garment that I have embarked upon, and I must admit that I'm a little nervous.  I was even nervous enough to make my first gauge swatch.  I don't want to get to the end and realize that I can never wear the dress.  I have had a few road blocks in reading the pattern, but they seem to have come from being overtired.  The road blocks were cured by putting all production down for a week and picking it up again when I was well rested.  The big goal is to be able to wear this dress by the end of the summer so I have to keep "rest" periods down to a minimum.

The second item on my hooks this week is a University of Memphis tote bag for my sister who starts her new job at the end of this month/beginning of next month.  I don't have any pictures to share of the tote bag yet because it has just passed the planning stages and entered the chain on stage.  I will post pictures either when there is something to show or when it is done, depending on how quickly I get it done.

What I've Been Watching

My fiance and I have a VCR and a DVD/VCR combo so we can watch VHS tapes both upstairs and downstairs and as such we've been working to grow our old school VHS collection.  I have to admit, there are just some movies that are better on VHS.  For example, we picked up a copy of Blair Witch at Goodwill, and the distortion on the VHS really makes the movie creepier than it actually is.  It gives the movie and actual found footage, left to the elements feel to them that was not captured in the film as it was recorded.

Yesterday we went Flea-Marketing and checked out every single VHS collection we could find.  We walked away with the Indiana Jones Box Set (the first three, because who needs the Crystal Skull, and who would release such a new movie on VHS?), Jurassic Park 2: The Lost World, and High Noon, all for $6.  The Lost World completes our collection of the Jurassic Park Trilogy on VHS.  To commemorate this we are watching our way through the trilogy, starting with The Lost World.  It's been fun revisiting these movies.  It's also funny, because some of the working truths of the movies have been debunked and new theories have taken their place, so it's fun to catch the "old" and "silly" theories.

The weather this weekend has been so Beautiful and is beckoning to me to leave the computer and come out and play and crochet in the sun.  I'll see you next weekend if I don't pop in earlier.

Post at you later,
     Super Hooker

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