Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Hello and welcome to my crochet blog.  I must admit that I am a little nervous about putting myself, my words, and my craft out on the web in this way, and I hope that you'll forgive my nervousness and stick with me while I get my footing here.  Part of being a little nervous and shy is that I don't feel quite like giving you my real name. Instead, and with a logo to come, I have chosen to go by the handle Super Hooker.  If you can't tell I'm not really imaginative when it comes to creating a custom handle, but I'm a BIG Supergirl fan and I am more than just a little nerdy.  In fact if you write me off as just a superhero nerd you would be underestimating my nerdiness, but only time can really show you just how deep in I am.

Anyway, before I ramble on too much more, I want to use this introduction to tell you a little bit about who I am as a crocheter and to let you know what my general vision for this blog is since I'm posting this before I have anything set up on or around it.

Who I am as a Crocheter
I have been crocheting for nearly ten years, I learned early on in high school.  I made rectangular projects for a very long time, including several nice afghans and a few really terrible afghans.  I think I also managed a few hats and never finished a scarf, but I really wasn't very adventurous.  I took a few years off of crocheting, until my boyfriend (now fiance) got into Cthulhu and wanted me to make him a Cthulhu chibi.  He went so far as to look up and find me a pattern, so how could I say no?  But that was it, I was hooked more than I had been before and I have since become more adventurous.

Other than a variety of Amigurumi, I made several novelty scarves, hats, pillows, bags, and I have even started on a dress.  It is going to be AWESOME, but I'll link a picture in another post since I haven't got this site figured out yet.  I have even sold a few pieces to a co-worker who made custom orders to give to a friend's kids.  I am debating whether or to run a booth at the local craft fair in August.  I have until the beginning of May to make a firm decision about whether or not I'm going to submit an application, so we'll see.

My General Vision
Alright, now for my general vision for this blog!

I want this to be about more than strictly crocheting because, as we all know and the title suggests, we all craft on the go.  We tuck our ball of yarn and our hooks in needles in our bags, or carry a separate tote or bag with our on-the-go projects.  We curl into the couch or chair while watching TV or at the movies.  If we are lucky enough to be the passenger on a long trip we pass the time with our yarn.  Heck, even if we aren't on the go we're listening to music, books on tape, and pod-casts.  We are continually working our environments into our projects and injecting yarn craft into our environments.

Which is really a long winded way of saying that I will be discussing what books I'm reading/listening to, what TV shows I've been watching, what movies I get to see, pod-casts that I've caught, and music that keeps me going.

I want to share with you what is on my hooks.  Right now I have a dress going, a Superman-Batman tote bag and I am fairly certain I'm forgetting about something else.  But I'll talk more about these projects in future posts.

Despite crocheting for nearly a decade I am really new to the online crafting community and have never been part of a knit-crochet group.  Therefore, I will be sharing my journey of discovery as I become part of the online crafting community.  I will share pod-casts that I have found, even though many of them may be well known to others.  I will describe my experience on sites such as Pinterest, Ravelry, Etsy, etc.  Again, many people will already know about these sites, but I haven't done much more than setting up accounts with some of these sites and therefore I am not conversant in how they really work.

I will also work photos into the blog and create a gallery.  So yeah, I'm so new I don't even have most of my photos uploaded anywhere!

As for frequency of posts I'm going to set myself a minimum goal for posting once a week.  As I have things to say or updates to post I'll post more frequently.  I'll also try to keep updating the pages, add links and generally tidy this blog up some between posts.

I guess that's all for today.

Post at you later,
         Super Hooker

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