Sunday, July 29, 2012


Making changes can be a scary process, but I think I am finally ready to start the process of unifying and linking my sites and identity through a common user name and actually work towards making this my primary occupation.  By "this" I mean the combination of the blog and my Etsy Shop (currently under construction, but it should go public by next weekend). I want to marry my love of crafting with my geeky passions and my need to write (a menage a trois of sorts) in order to move forward and support myself financially.

In accordance with this I will start delving deeper into the world of finances, code, and self promotion.  Hopefully the look of the blog will improve  and a unified online identity will start to create a positive traffic flow between sites.

Wish You Were There

Yesterday, B&D Comics celebrated 30 years of being in business with glorious festivities including costumes, authors, artists, and a zombie extra from The Walking Dead.  I reprised my role as Supergirl and joined Sailormood, the Baroness, Darth Vader, a Ghostbuster and Dan from Street Fighter as the group of kooky people outside the store.  As you can imagine we attracted quite a bit of attention from passing traffic.

I forgot how creative cos-players are by their nature.  When you create your own costume from scratch or from odds and ends that you collected into a comprehensive costume you are taking part in a very creative endeavor.  Even donning a pre-made costume (which there is nothing wrong with) allows you to creatively assume another identity.

The celebration was a fantastic success for the store.  There were people in and out all day; including a great many kids picking up comics for the first time.  I can't wait until the end of next month when International Read Comics in Public Day is celebrated with a Geek Mob.  I am so psyched.  James wants to put together a costume for it and I want to work on my Lady Riddler costume.

Geeky Crochet

I don't have much craft stuff to share right now.  Well, actually, I have been up to quite a bit of geeky crafting recently, but I decided to limit what I share today.  I am still exhausted from 6 hours of being Supergirl yesterday and then entertaining a friend today.  In honor the 30th Anniversary Celebration I went on a spree of designing and creating Superhero wristers.

Hulk, Captain Glory, Spider-man 2099, Captain America, and Iron Man
There are more designs in the works.  I am nearly done with the Black Widow wristers and I am taking suggestions for new designs into consideration from any interested source.  That said, after I finish the Black Widow wristers I will be taking a small break while I finish my mom's sweater.

The sweater is sooooooo close to completion it hurts a little.  I need to finish the sleeves and put the edging on the body and then it will all be over.  As much as I want a handmade sweater of my own, I don't think that I will be embarking on another sweater for quite a while.  It started off pretty fast, but then sweater fatigue set in and I am having trouble powering through it.  I am not sure if it will be done for the start of the new school year or not, but here's hoping the Olympics will give me the television time to power through.

Post at you later,

Super Hooker

PS. If you are a graphic designer I have an idea for a logo that I want created and I would love to discuss ideas with someone that has more know how than myself.

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