Monday, August 6, 2012

Chugging Along

I have been so busy making that I haven't had time to take pictures of anything and the weather is so dreary out that pictures will have to wait a bit longer... Hopefully for the next blog post I will be able to announce the opening of my Etsy shop and share pictures with you.

My Etsy shop is also waiting on pictures of finished projects, though if the weather doesn't turn around soon I may just put up slightly bad pictures and replace them when the weather decides to co-operate!  I did, however, create a banner for the blog and Etsy store.  It's not exactly what I want, but it's as close as I am going to get until I learn a bit more about editing and coding and, maybe, acquire better software for developing and editing pictures.

Hooks and Needles

I can't share the pictures right now, but I will tease you a little by saying that if everything goes as planned then I should have Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles wristers and a matching mask by the end of the night tonight.  I'll be working on my Leonardo set while getting my Gordon Ramsey fix tonight (assuming it isn't reruns again because of the Olympics).


I decided not to participate in the Ravellenics (I won't go into the name debate because I imagine if you are part of the community we share the same basic opinion about the IOC's cease and desist letter).  For one thing I only recently found the online yarn crafting community and for another thing I found out about the Ravellenics way to late to join and with way too many projects still on my hooks and in my (not listed) queue.


My mom's sweater is so close to being done!  We did a fitting this past Saturday so I know I have the size right on the body and the sleeve... That is to say the one sleeve I have finished.  I'm a little worried about having enough yarn to finish the second sleeve and I am 100% certain I don't have enough yarn to do the edging.  So the solution will be to hope and pray about the yarn for the sleeve and if not hope and pray that the yarn shop I purchased it from or the online seller has a skein in the same colorway and dye lot. If I have enough for the sleeve then I'm going to get a skein of black merino wool for the edging to provide color contrast for the body and the cuffs.  I already ran that idea by my mom and she is totally cool with it.

Great News

Also, GREAT NEWS, James found a job! It's only part time, but he'll be working at a comic shop selling comics, discussing comics, and generally having a great time doing what he loves.  He doesn't start until next month and we don't know exactly what hours he'll be working.  I suspect it will change somewhat as he is needed, but I am so excited for him.  It will get him out of the house and give me some time to work on "secret projects." Such as the ornaments I plan on making him for Christmas (but more about those later)

I know this is a bit rushed, but I do have to run now.  James has already started cooking dinner, so I need to go help and cheer on the process!

Post at you later,

Super Hooker

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