Saturday, August 11, 2012

My Crafting Cycle

Yesterday I decided that it was time to clean and reorganize my craft room.  I even convinced James to help be bring the catch-all table upstairs.  The living room now looks awfully bare and open, so I guess I'll need to think about reorganizing that room in the near future.  While I was cleaning, though, I realized that my crafting productivity comes in cycles governed by the cleanliness of my work space.  I thought it would be interesting to share what I came up with you and ask if anyone else has noticed a similar cycle.

Stages of Work Space and Crafting Accomplished

Stage 1: Organized and Productive

During this stage, the Craft Room is completely clean and organized and I know where EVERYTHING is located.  This leads to binges of production because I am more easily inspired with the tools easily accessible.
My new table.  I like that I have room to store the stool under the table.  

Book/Lounge area meets work space.

My desk etc.  As you can see this is a Craft/Book/Computer Room.

Books! There are bean bags and pillows along the bottom to provide lounging space.

Stage 2: New Supplies Enter and Plans are Made

With a high level of inspiration often comes new craft materials because I can conquer anything and everything I see on Pinterest and other sites.  During this time new supplies often enter the room, and sometimes older supplies don't quite get put away because they are "in use."  All these supplies pile up on any available surface until there is a path from the door to my computer and the rest of the room is only accessible by leaping over piles of supplies and Works in Progress (WIPs).
Current List: Amigurumi Walrus, Mom's Sweater, My Hippy Dress, Turtle Cuff and Mask Sets, Crochet Bomb with Spark, Christmas Stocking

Stage 3: Things Continue to Pile Up and Speeds Slow Down

Maybe this is partially due to my tendency to procrastinate.  During the stage I work on projects half heartedly and often wish that things would just go ahead and finish without me.  If only I could walk away and when I come back the sweater will be done.  Oh sweet dream, I'm so close....

Stage 4: Standstill

Everything comes to a standstill and nothing gets done.  Things stop piling up because I'm not inspired and I'm not using anything.  I'm also not cleaning the room. Why bother?  I don't want to do anything anyway.  I often feel lethargic and guilty because I kind of want to do something, but everything is so messy I can't be bothered.  I don't want to do anything.  This can last anywhere between 2 - 14 days.

Stage 5: Breaking Point

Then comes the point where I just can't stand it anymore.  I can't stand stepping over everything and I can't stand the feeling of not doing something.  I start cleaning the craft room.  During the process of cleaning I inevitably rearrange everything.  I may sort the yarn by fiber, weight, color, or brand.  Patterns and books may be put in order based on project type, season, or type of publication.  The movement and planning get me energized and I feel inspired again.
Harlequin decided to chill with me while I cleaned today.
Then it all starts over again!  What a wonderful part this transition plays.  I only wish I could motivate myself to cut out Stages 3 and 4 by putting things away more frequently and not starting more projects than I can manage at one time.

Maybe your crafting cycle is the same.  Maybe yours is different.  Feel free to leave a comment and let me know if you go through these cycles!

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