Saturday, January 26, 2013

Like a Bee

Much like a bee I have been busy, busy, busy lately!  It has made me incredibly sad that I have not been able to post for the last couple of weeks, and may not have much of a chance for another couple of weeks either!

I have been working overtime at my day job and working my fingers to the bones with preparing for Shevacon.  Yeah, you heard me.  I'll be at Shevacon this year.  My items will be available through the B&D booth, unless something clears out and I get a little space of my own.  Either way I'll be working the booth for Black Market Buttons.

But what about accountability?  Well, I have been keeping a Daily Craft Log where I keep track of what I accomplished each day.  It's been really interesting and I love doing it.  There are some days where I only have an hour to crochet and I can only finish one glove, or something else small, but there are other days I can get a ton of stuff done!

Sadly, that's all for now folks!  Time to eat lunch and get back to work >.<

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