Wednesday, February 6, 2013

From the Heart: 3 Causes That Need Your Help

There are always so many good people and good causes that need our help whether it is financially or through donations of our time and resources.  It just so happens that three groups that I think deserve support are asking for assistance at the same time.  So, rather than writing an individual post for each and risk wearing you down through a repetition of the same I want to share all three.  If you can donate to all three then that would be amazing.  If you can only donate to one then that's still super awesome.  And if you can't donate money then please spread the word.  Just getting the word out to people who may have the finances and interest is half the battle.

I've organized the three fundraising campaigns presented here in order of finish date.  Of course I'll give you a run down of relevant details, provide links for the fundraising pages located on Indiegogo and Kickstarter respectively and I'll let you know why I think you should support each cause.

The Keepers

Maliki and her mother, Marilyn
Goal: $15,000     Progress: $9,827
Time Left: 42 hours, ends Thurs Feb 7 at 11:59 PM PT

As a volunteer at the Memphis zoo The Keepers Indiegogo campaign is very near and dear to my sister's heart.  As such, I'm going to let her tell you about this project.

"The Keepers is an independent film being made by True Story Pictures.  The filmmakers have been granted unprecedented access behind the scenes at the Memphis Zoo.  They have been allowed in areas where most people don't get the opportunity to go.  What I love about this project is it gives the average person an opportunity to see how much work goes in to making the zoo what it is.

From the outside looking in, a zoo is just a cool place to go and see lot of exotic animals.  However, from the zookeeper's perspective it's a place to learn, to teach, and to strive towards conservation of the world's endangered animals.  I truly admire the work that these people do.  zookeepers don't get days off.  There may be 3 feet of snow on the ground and they still have to come into work because the animals need them.  They also don't do it for the money, because let me tell you - they don't make much!

Unfortunately, it takes more than a lot of heart to keep a zoo alive. It is a business and they need income.  Many areas haven't been changed in years because the money simply is not available for those big updates.  My hope is that once this film is completed and people can see what goes on behind the scenes they'll want to contribute more to the zoos.

The campaign isn't just about the people who work with the animals; it's about the animals themselves.  The Giraffes, The Elephants, The Pandas, etc.  If you have a few extra dollars this is a great cause to support"

Being a volunteer, Debbie gets a bit of behind the scenes access herself.  She's a photographer and shares amazing pictures of the animals at the Memphis Zoo.  She has been more than generous in granting me full access to share some of those pictures with you. 

 Hook to Heal

Goal: $2,000     Progress: $1,309
Time Left: 23 Days, ends Thurs Feb 28, 11:59 PM PT

Depending on how in tune you are with the crochet world you may, or may not, have heard of Kathryn Vercillo's book Crochet Saved My Life: The Mental and Physical Health Benefits of Crochet.  Published in July 2012, Crochet Saved My Life has proved to be an inspiration and point of connection for many crocheters and crafters.

Kathryn Vercillo is back with an Indiegogo campaign for her project Hook to Heal a multimedia project designed to teach people to use crochet to improve their health, wellness, creativity levels and total quality of life.  Sounds pretty awesome if you ask me.  It doesn't hurt that Kathryn Vercillo's Crochet Concupiscence Blog was the first crochet blog I stumbled upon that really started getting me interested in what it means to be a crocheter and to participate in the crochet community.

From the Indiegogo page:
Hook to Heal with have three core products all coming out in 2013:
  • Creativity Exercises Book. My next book, due out 10/1/2013 is a book of creativity exercises for crocheters. It will show how crochet can be used to achieve mindfulness, release artistic fear, push to the next level of creativity, celebrate life and more. Many topics of creativity will be explored in this book that challenge you to find new ways to craft yourself to wellness.
  • 12 Week Online Creativity Classes. Beginning in the fall I will also be launching online creativity classes. These will be weekly classes with chat/ video components that offer detailed lessons and guidance exploring the core ideas presented in the Hook to Heal book. 
  • One-on-one Email Support for Crochet Creativity. I am going to take the lessons that I've learned about using crochet to get deeper into your creative self. I'll be your personal creative crochet coach armed with hooks to help you get to the next stage of your personal growth.
Hook to Heal is a comprehensive program for people who want to use crafting to better their lives. However, each of the three parts will be available on their own so you don't have to commit to the total plan if you don't want to.

At a time when debate in this country is increasingly about the state of mental health and mental health services, can we really afford not to encourage and support a crocheter who is trying to assist people in improving their mental health through creative endeavors?

Aw Yeah Comics

Goal: $15,000     Progress: $22,793
Time Left: 29 days, ends Thurs Mar 7, 9:58 AM EST

Admittedly the Aw Yeah Comics Kickstarter campaign is fully funded and then some at this point, but that doesn't mean they couldn't still use your support!  Art and Franco are one of the best duos in the comic world in my humble opinion.  Their all ages comics are truly that, all ages comics.  As an adult without children I enjoy every book that Art and Franco puts out and I am always waiting eagerly for the next book in any ongoing series they are working on.

One of the best parts of Aw Yeah Comics, is the ability to let Art and Franco loose with their own original creations.  Plus, they're bringing in their friends from all across the comic industry to contribute to the comic.  Mark Waid, Brad Meltzer, Chris Roberson, and so many more.  They'll even be bringing in new talent!

The campaign is seeking funding for the first six issues of Aw Yeah Comics, but additional funding will help to ensure that we will see more than six issues of what is sure to be a great book. At $30,000 the first 12 issues will be fully funded!

There are some great incentives to receive prints of the art from Issue #1 of Aw Yeah Comics.  There are even a few opportunities for original art still to be had, but those are going fast.  All 26 original pages of the digital exclusive are already claimed!  I'm proud to say that we are looking forward to receiving a 2"x2" original mini-painting by Art Baltazar.

And don't forget to let your Local Comic Shop Owner know about the Dealer's Incentive.  For a $60 contribution your LCS can pick up 10 copies of Issues #1, #2, and #3.  Let your LCS know that you will purchase copies of the issues they receive, because our LCSs need to make a bit of money too in order to help further support our need for comics and geekery of all sorts.

If you can't afford a donation to any of these great causes then please, take a moment to spread the word.

Thank you from the very bottom of my heart,

          aka The Super Nerdy Hooker


  1. Great news! The Keepers made their goal with 6 hours to spare! Thank you for all of your support!!