Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Crazy Busy and Crazy Happy

I know, I know, I know I have been absent from this space for a little over a month and I am sorry.  I have missed writing in this space, but I have been Crazy Busy and Crazy Happy.  BUT before I tell you what's kept me away I just want to let everyone know that all three of the projects that I mentioned in the last blog post were fully funded!  Thank you to everyone who stopped by, re-tweeted  in anyway passed on the word or donated to these projects.  Your help and your support are what make these projects possible!

Now, as to why I have been away from the blog.  I have been on a crazy schedule with a con every other weekend starting with Shevacon (Feb 8-10), then on to Mysticon (Feb 22-24), and ending with Roanoke Valley Comicon (March 9). In between and around all of these cons I've been putting in Overtime at work, and it's not quite over yet, because this weekend I'll be teaching a group how to crochet with Beck of Beckadoodles.  Also, I have my first original amigurumi on the pattern board.  By which I mean he's been designed, made, and a pattern will be released after some kinks get worked out.

But, back to the cons!  I had a blast and I wish you could all have been there with me!  Shevacon kicked everything off.  I worked the Black Market Buttons tables for the very talented BC Brandt while B&D Comics graciously let me display and sell my items at their table.  It was a stressful weekend, but my parasprites were a hit and went to very happy homes over the course of the weekend.  I was very happy to see some success at my first in-person sales event.

The lovely girl you see drawing with the Rainbow Dash plush and parasprites is the very talented Holly Roberts, daughter of the equally talented Matt Roberts.  She came to the con with her dad and started doing some My Little Pony Sketches that really caught fire.  People were actively coming over to get her to draw their favorite pony or original pony.  I got a Derpy hooves sketch and a pony in a fedora (made into a personalized button, thanks to Black Market Buttons and their design your own button setup).

I should probably also mention that Shevacon saw the introduction of a collaboration between myself and Dan Silverman.  I should note that the inspiration came from Dan, but he needed a little assistance with the execution.
So, meet the Tom Baker Scarf button.  Available for $5 at any con you can find Dan in attendance, at least until supplies run out!

Check out this Schnozzle video to get a feel for how Shevacon was. Side note, the crochet items you see right away in the background are all my creations, so yay!

Mysticon was even more exciting because we got to meet a Doctor!  Peter Davison, the fifth Doctor, was in attendance and caused quite a stir.  There were several panels that had security outside the doors because you could not fit more people in the room.  He was a very lovely man and when I met him he seemed genuinely surprised and a bit flabbergasted that I have never seen a Doctor Who episode.  But I figured I should still take the chance to meet him.  The Batmobile was also at Mysticon, though it appeared the Thursday before at B&D Comics, and you should take a look at the awesome pictures from the Heroical photo shoot.

If you don't believe me about how nice Peter Davison is then check out this video interview he did with Schnozzle.

I did not take as many pictures, but I had a great time.  Though, amusingly, one of the most exciting things to happen to me that weekend actually took place outside of Mysticon when I went on a lunch run to Hardees.  The cashier complimented my earrings which were made by my Aunt Cathy. I thanked him and chatted to him about Mysticon which he was not able to attend and led to a discussion about Shevacon which he did attend.  I mentioned I was with B&D Comics and he mentioned that he bought a Rarity parasprite at Shevacon.  Oh my goodness, my heart leapt.  No, forget, leapt, it jumped and danced in excitation.  I told him that I made them and he instantly started telling me how much he loved the parasprite and it sat right next to his [something I can't quite recall].  So, I'm kind of glad that James wanted Hardee's for lunch, and Mysticon put me in the vicinity and the right frame of mind to enter into this conversation that I otherwise would not have had the opportunity to engage in.  And of course another big thank-you to my Aunt Cathy who made the earrings that started the conversation!
This picture does not do these earrings  justice.  They are truly awesome!
 James was very excited to meet Larry Elmore because his art graced the covers of his favorite Dragonlance novels when he was younger.  The funniest things was we kept wondering where they set up Larry Elmore and when we finally inquired we learned that his table was directly behind ours the entire weekend.  But, in our defense, he spent quite a bit of time away from his table at panels!  So, James took his old beat up copies and got them signed by Larry Elmore, who was a wonderfully gracious and kind man.

But the local cons wrapped up this past weekend with Roanoke Valley Comicon.  Roanoke Valley Comicon is a bi-annual con put on by Untamed Worlds and is my favorite of our local cons.  Shevacon and Mysticon are great, but they are very much geared towards the Sci-fi and Paranormal fans, but RVC is about comics.  It's pretty much one big dealers room with an artist alley down the middle.  So, really a sort of Artists Island.  The dealers are great and wonderful people and the attendees just keep increasing each time!

This time around I met several female comic fans who came over to talk to me as one of the only female dealers in the room.  It was great.  I chatted with one girl who was experiencing her first con and we discussed, among other things, the glory that is a con specifically dedicated to comics over those that have a different focus.  I discussed books and characters with several girls, and one particular young girl even talked crochet with me!  I loved having the opportunity to discuss comics, crochet, and all things geeky with these girls who seemed to gravitate over to our booth.  Then again I was attention grabbing since I was wearing a bright pink wig and matching ensemble as will be explained below.

You may, or may not, recall this past fall they started their first ever costume contest.  That was followed up at this con with the second ever and it was fantastic because there were entirely new costumes this go around.  I'm going to post some of my favorite costumes below, but don't forget to stop by and like the Hookin' Around Facebook Page.

 I was Izabel from Saga.  I have some long term plans for the costume so that it will look truly awesome.  And next time I plan on dyeing my hair pink so that I can have the proper hair style as well as hair color.

I will let you know how the National Craft/Crochet Celebration goes after next week. I also have my first original amigurumi design to share with y'all, but it's not quite done yet.  So you may have to wait a bit longer to see him appear on the blog, but I don't think I'll be able to resist posting pictures of my first try on the Facebook page, so be sure to keep an eye out.

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