Thursday, May 23, 2013

Long Time, No Post

Oh me, Oh my, It's hard to believe it's been over two months since I last posted.  Which means that I never did share news about the Roanoke Craft Blast I mentioned in my last post or share any of my projects since.

Sadly, and one of the reasons I never posted about it, the Roanoke Craft Blast had a very small turnout.  We didn't teach anyone to crochet, but there were a lot of logistical things going on this year.  We have high hopes that next year we can be placed in a better location and get more advertising out about the event.  But, we did have a nice table set-up/display.  And we had a good time among ourselves.

More recently Hookin' Around made an appearance at B&D Comic's Free Comic Book Day Event.  

 We had a blast and the event took on the feel of a mini-con in the parking lot.  Our guests included Hookin' Around, Black Market Buttons, Matt Roberts and daughter Holly Roberts, Vendetta Comics, and Heroical.
The pre-event guest promo I designed
And of course B&D's own Baroness was at the store all day taking photos with customers and warding off attacks from Harley Quinn.
Thank-you again to Heroical for their involvement in bringing heroes to our events!
We had about 300-400 people come through the parking lot and store throughout the day, many in costumes, and all with giant smiles on their faces.  Some people came through for their first visit and others came through because they are loyal and supportive customers.  Regardless everyone had a great time.

We even had a bit of excitement when one of the canopies decided to blow away and plunge down the hill towards the train tracks. Luckily for us we have our own home-grown superheroes in our B&D Family who raced down the hill to retrieve the canopy (and yes, Neil, I'm looking at you).

Notable events from our Mini-con include the second appearance of Holly Roberts and her pony art.  Holly has some major talent and we can't wait to see how far she goes with it!
And I've seen some more of her polymer clay creations.  She's pretty darn awesome!
Matt Roberts and Holly Roberts
The B&D exclusive special release version of Vendetta Comic's first Comic, Biscotti Jones.

And of course, just having our own Black Market Buttons, available year round through B&D, is always a pleasure.  If you can't find at least one button that fits your personality then you can always place a request or Make Your Own Button. 

And, just in case you haven't figured it out already, Roanoke Doesn't Suck. And we love when Jason, Brenda, and Schnozzle join in the fun with us!

But I haven't even mentioned the heroes who kept things running inside the store!
Where would we possibly be without Terry and Neil who dealt with the crush of people trying to fit inside the store all at the same time?  No where, that's where.

Here's the post-event wrap up picture
You can find all of our special guests on Around the Web at the following

B&D Comics:

Hookin' Around:

Matthew Roberts:

Black Market Buttons:

Vendetta Comics:
@Vendetta Comics3


Things in Roanoke That Don't Suck:

It shouldn't be two months between posts this time.  I have a busy weekend with my brother graduating from High School, my extended family visiting, my sister lingering a day for a fun sister's day of crafting and goofiness, and then an entire week off from work.  So you can expect a post about my brother's graduation and the awesome crafting day with my sister, and an artist interview.  So, that's two separate posts right there that you can expect to see next week.

And here's hoping that once the ball gets rolling again posts will, once again, become more frequent!

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