Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Happy Halloween! (pic heavy)

Okay, so I've been a little busy lazy (let's call it what it is and not sugar coat it).  My computer has been back for a couple of weeks, but I just haven't felt like blogging.  Why write about what I've been up to when I could just be up to something?  But, with Halloween barely under our belts I wanted to share my Halloween/Cosplay Costume with you while it was still seasonally relevant.  Though, I do know many people have already moved on to Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The Process

So, I started with my Inspiration.  Batgirl from DC's New 52, admittedly the lining of the cape was changed to be yellow instead of purple.
The cape came first and Trousers decided to help me lay out the fabric.

There are tiny little paw prints on the back of the fabric from when he discovered that if he ran and jumped on it the fabric would go sliding.  I threatened to lock him in the bathroom until I was done, but I didn't really have the heart to do it!

So then it was time to make the gloves and cowl.  These I decided to crochet.  The "ear" pieces on the cowl are plastic canvas that I stitched into, but I may try to crochet "slip covers" if I do it again.

I found the black shirt at Goodwill and added an emblem to it.  Harley was particularly helpful during this step.

For the belt I took a long strip of yellow fabric, folded it in half (right sides together) and sewed up one side.  I flipped it right side out, sewed up the end and added some snaps.  It looks a little ugly, but the cape will hide that little detail until I can re-do it.

The leggings and boots I already had.  I would like to, when I have more time, create yellow slip covers for the boots so that they fit with the inspiration a little better.

So, the final product:
Standing outside B&D Comic Shop on Halloween

Roanoke Valley Comicon

I assisted my fiance in working the B&D booth
I was hoping to share more pictures from the con with you, but people haven't been tagging them in such a way that I can find them easily.  What you need to know to enjoy the following pictures is that for the first time the Roanoke Valley Comicon held a costume contest divided up between those 15 and under and 16 and older.  If I can find where these photos got dumped I'll share them.  But until then, one guy came dressed as Vash the Stampede and I found his photo dump for the con.  So, that's why Vash is in so many of the pictures!

When this pink Batgirl walked in with her dad in Joker make up, I knew a picture was necessary!
Cloud was the winner of the adult costume contest, a well deserved win for an awesome costume!
Vash and Cloud together; Vash was the runner up
This Batman looked more like a Gotham City Imposters Batman, but he was a really nice guy  and had fun with it.
If you don't know who Slender Man is then there is plenty of material on the web (and a few videos) that will  teach/scare you into knowing who he is!
Vash, just Vash
All four Ninja Turtles were present to have a good time.
An adorable little Inuyasha
L from Death Note.  A fantastic manga with a surprisingly good live action movie adaptation that I strongly recommend. I wish I could find the picture we took together!
And last but not least a Storm Trooper Captain.

I was really excited that this year was the con's biggest turnout!  I thought it seemed hopping, and I should know since I've been to the last four (two a year for two years).  The organizers said they are hoping to have a costume contest at each one from now on.

That's all for now.  I will try not to let so much time pass between now and my next post, especially since I've been busy and have stuff to share!

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