Friday, November 23, 2012

Gobble, Gobble


There are so many things that I am thankful for this year.  James, Harlequin, and Trousers who make coming home such a pleasure.  My family who is incredibly wonderful, and supportive. My friends who are smart, goofy, and talented individuals.  BRAG and Comic Book Club. B&D Comics which is a wonderful local business with a wonderful staff. Podcasts such as Craft Lit, Cast-on, Yarn Craft, Word Balloon, Aw Yeah, Ape 4 Comics, Fanboys Talking, and so many more that strive to keep me entertained and informed while at work or while crafting. Happy (Belated) Thanksgiving!

Black Friday and Small Business Saturday

Black Friday is an interesting day, especially now that it starts Thanksgiving evening for some places.  James and I stopped by Walmart on our way home last night to pick up kitty litter. It was around 5:30, but it seemed like half the store was saran wrapped with signs noting items would be recognized at the register for special prices at 8pm. There were people already there scoping things out and making attack plans.  I'll give Walmart some credit, though, they were making an obvious attempt to mitigate trampling.  They had the high end electronics scattered through out the store and used Caution Tape to create queues through aisles with practical items.  The biggest problem with that is it went through the cat aisle and an employee tried to stop us because it was part of the line to a TV or something.  I am glad that we arrived at 5:30 before any lines had actually formed!

Small Business Saturday is the newest partner to the weekend shopping.  It encourages people to shop at local businesses where you know you are supporting individuals and your local community.  It's a great way to show the people in your community that you care, and many local businesses provide unique, one-of-a-kind products.

This year I have tried to avoid both holidays, though I do plan on shopping small and local this holiday season.  I also intend to make a lot of gifts.  As such I decided to limit my participation in the shopping madness by only venturing out to get a much needed crafting component this weekend: Clear Plastic Globes.   I can't tell you what I'm doing with them yet, but I can't wait to share!  I was honestly a little wary about heading out on such a busy shopping day, but it was incredible how friendly everybody appeared.  Plus now that the errand is off my plate my Saturday and Sunday are cleared for a gluttony of crafting!


And now I just want to hint and say I am excited and can't wait to make an announcement that will affect customers in Roanoke, VA.  Before I can make an official announcement, though, I need to do some prep work in my Etsy Shop and get everything tidied up a bit.  Hopefully I can share the good news Saturday or Sunday!

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