Monday, September 24, 2012


 Camping was soooo much fun, but before I get to that I want to touch on what I did earlier in the week.

Tuesday night my sister posted a picture of TMNT nails, and I decided that I was going to give them a shot right that second.  So I gathered my nail polish and gave the design a whirl.  I really should have done something different with the thumb nails, because they look a bit like frogs without the masks. I wore my Leonardo Wristers the next day to show off my turtle power.
 I also whipped up an adorable Vampire Cupcake Amigurumi that I started Wednesday and finished Thursday.  This adorkable character is based on the Vampire Cupcakes in Sweeten Village.  You know, the free online web comic illustrated by Beck Seashols and written by Brad Duncan.  It earned me a big hug at the last BRAG meeting.    

Oh!  I also got my Harley Quinn picture that I won from Beck.  I will take pictures of the illustration with Harlequin, since she was named, in part, after Harley Quinn.  But right now Harley is curled up in my lap and I don't want to move her.  She is so skittish she doesn't cuddle often, but I think being stuck with Trousers for two days she wants some loving.


Meet Spike.  Spike is an old white chihuahua (I don't remember his exact age), and he is a grumpy old man. But he remembers us from when he was simply an old man.  Honestly, Spike has been old as long as I've known him and I've known him for close to 5 years now.

 But we didn't make the trip just to visit with Spike.  We went to see our friends Eric, Casey and Logan.
Logan impressed us all by walking most of our hike, which was straight up the mountainside, cutting across the ridge, and then picking our way down to a real path.
James and I have known Eric and Casey since college.  Eric's was the place to be if you were smart, artsey, and liked animals.  We got Trousers (the tabby) from Squirrel's (Eric's cat) last litter ever.  Squirrel disappeared a week after giving birth to seven kittens.  Sadly only three survived: Trousers, Skirts and Cheeto.

Anyway, Eric has a plot of land up in the mountains that serves as a private campsite and future home.  The house is still in the planning stages, but they've been developing and landscaping the creek that flows along the edge of the property.  We were there when the log bridge was set up Memorial Day Weekend.

What did James and I do while Eric and Casey worked? 

James found chalk and drew on the rocks. 
 And, I dangled my feet into the water and crocheted.  

This is why my nails are relevant.  I tested the colors on one foot and never painted the nails on the other foot.  I looked a bit uneven!
 I worked on the Reef Blue Ripple Scarf made from Lion Brand's Amazing yarn in the Glacier Bay colorway.

The scarf isn't finished, but I did take an assortment of cliche Scarf in the Woods pictures.

The colors matched the rocks so well!


I can't remember if I mentioned this in an earlier post, but my computer is having a small issue.  It really is a small issue, but the fan is a little out of whack and the blade is hitting the side of the power supply.  Luckily the computer is still under warranty, but I do need to send in my power supply (where the fan is located) and wait until a replacement arrives in the mail.  On the plus side my computer will stop making terrible noises when I turn it on, but on the downside my computer access will be very limited until I get the part back.  Therefore I don't know when I will post next, but I may try to borrow James' computer, even though he doesn't like me to use it (I don't have a good track record with computers.

Video of the Week

 This is just a fun and cute short video.  Enjoy!

Post at you later,
     Super Nerdy Hooker

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