Wednesday, September 12, 2012

International Crochet Day

Declared an international holiday in 2007 by Jimbo's Front Porch today is International Crochet Day.  Here's why:

“I have thought for a long time now that the art of crochet and those who practice the art deserve some significant recognition. And so in my great power as the Ruthless Tyrant of my vast hook empire have decided to declare that Sept 12, 2007 will be a Holiday that I’m cleverly calling “International Crochet Day”. I’m giving everyone who works for me (ME) a day off. You just go ahead and take the day off too…. tell’em Jimbo said it’s ok (see where that gets you!)”

What a great idea!  There are national and international holidays for just about everything, and even if this one isn't well known, we deserve a day that celebrates us as crocheters.  It is a wonderful way to bring awareness to a craft that is still treated as the red-headed step-child by those who just don't get it.

So, rather than complain about the number of times I've been asked about my knitting, I'm going to take some time today and celebrate the art and craft that is crochet by writing a midweek blog post and then curling up with some yarn and a hook.

Oh yeah, each year Jimbo gives away one of his beautifully crafted crochet hooks to celebrate the holiday.  You can enter to win on his blog, but hurry up because the giveaway ends tonight at 10pm pacific time.

Crocheting a Castle

I walk to work most days, so rather than lug yarn and hooks back and forth from home to work and back again I decided that I needed a work project.  A project that I could work on during my breaks, with the additional benefit of not feeling guilty for not working on other projects.  I decided that my work project would be the beautiful Enchanted Castle from White Crochet Christmas 1992
Enchanted Castle; White Crochet Christmas, 1992
This is a great project because it looks very complicated when it is actually pretty easy.  I would rate the pattern an Advanced Beginner/Intermediate more because the pattern uses size 10 crochet thread and a size 5 steel hook (1.7mm), I'm using a size 7 (1.5mm) because I don't have a size 5.  Then, of course, there are 21 pieces that will need to be stiffened and assembled.
Since July 16, I have completed a total 13 pieces.  So, numerically speaking I'm halfway done, but since 6 of my completed pieces are tiny roofs and there are still two tall towers and sidewalls left, it is safe to say over half the work still remains.  But it's fun and fairly easy.  I'm having to revise the pattern a little because the language is a little confusing in places.  Once it's done I'll have to find a place to display it where (maybe) the cats won't destroy it.

Wolf Ears or Hat Variation #2

For Hat Variation #2 I am happy to announce that the black on black yarn debacle is frogged and shall be no more.  Instead Variation #2 is going to be a headband (though I still want to try my original design idea), in the same color way as Variation #1, posted in the previous entry.  I don't have any pictures to share, but after this post I'm going to work on Variation #2.

Crafty Nails

I know, I know, it's International Crochet Day, but I want to take a moment to talk about my nails.  The craftiest thing I did yesterday was paint my nails.  Which, honestly, I didn't have time to do on a day when I only had an hour to shower and cook dinner before skating off to a Comic Book Club Meeting.  For some strange reason, I decided that I would somehow squeeze in cutting my hair and painting my nails into this oh to short hour.  But, I did paint them, and I don't think they came out horribly.  They aren't amazing, but they aren't horrible either.

I was going for a red and blue star in a black background.  So I painted on the red and blue base, when that dried I stuck on star stickers and put the black layer on over that.  Only I didn't realize my bottle of black nail polish was pretty much empty until it was too late. When the black was (mostly) dry I pulled off the star stickers and low and behold, red and blue stars were revealed. Oh well, everything mostly came together in the end and now I know that I need to go out and grab a bottle of black nail polish before Halloween comes around again.

I lied, but only a little, I'm going to go post and support other crafters and artists in the BRAG forums, and then I'm going to curl up with some yarn.  Hopefully, I'll have pictures of the headband this weekend, maybe even in time to be posted Saturday!

Post at you later,
     Super Nerdy Hooker

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  1. Thanks for the plug re International Crochet Day! Love your blog and crochet work too!