Saturday, September 8, 2012

Something to B.R.A.G. About

Well, hello!  I hope you are having a Fantastic day! I know I am enjoying this lovely rainy Saturday. Which reminds me I need to throw open some windows to invite the cool air inside!

And now that the windows are open and there is a cool breeze flowing I think it's time to do a little BRAGging, by which I mean I want to tell you about the Blue Ridge Artist Group that I alluded to on Thursday.  I was invited to attend by Beck Seashols who is the amazing and wonderfully talented creator of Beckadoodles the Art of Cute and writer of the Sweeten Village Webcomic.  I first met Beck on Free Comic Book Day where she was signing copies of Womanthology in which she has a single page spread on page 263.  We met again at the B&D 30th anniversary and then this past Wednesday I won a giveaway on her Beckadoodles Facebook page.  Beck is an artist, crafter, designer, cartoonist, glitter queen, and she knits and crochets.  You should check out her Etsy store where she has some awesome pieces of geeky crochet and paper-craft that you know you want!

BRAG has only been an active group for about 5 weeks now and started when Beck met Daniel Silverman while he was promoting his book Broken Dreams, the first of The Dream Shift Chronicles, at the 30th Anniversary Celebration.  Beck and Dan concluded that there needed to be a group for creative types to mingle and support one another.  Dan is also a graphic artist and designer and you can check out more of what he has to offer here.  Dan is wonderfully talented and super nice.  I chatted with him at the 30th Anniversary, and his book sounds good.  Of course, I now have even more incentive to pick up a copy now, and will do when I have both time and money... or at least money, because I can always make time for reading!

I have to admit that I was really nervous before I got to the meeting.  I'm still a little shaky when it comes to promoting my own work, but everyone was so welcoming and friendly that I felt at home right away.  Even after only one meeting, I can tell that this is a diverse group of wonderfully talented individuals.  The aim of the group is both to network and support each other as we all continue to learn and grow within our respective and overarching fields.  Honestly, if you feel that you have nothing more to learn you may as well pack it in and call it quits.  I'm excited about the different classes and tutorials that members will be able to share.  As the group grows I will tell you more about the members, because if we can't promote each other, then who can we promote?

The Big Bad Wolf

On Thursday I also received a commission, or rather the opening query, for a toboggan with wolf ears that could be used as part of a sexy wolf costume, but still be wearable during the winter.  I said yes, yes yes.  I still only have some vague ideas of what Jenn wants, but I'm already going full force because I figure if I design and create multiple variations then I still get the experience of designing, writing a pattern, and I can throw the creations up in my Etsy store.  So, in this vein, I made a trip to Jo-Ann's to purchases yarns in various shades of grey and black.

Hat Variation #1 is made using a strand of Red Heart Eco-Ways in Storm held together with a strand of Sensations Rainbow Boucle in Black Rainbow to create a shaded effect.

I want to experiment with this design by starting at a different point in the repeat.  As I mentioned it is a rainy day so I had to work with the lighting available to me, and the pictures above don't show just how much a difference in shading there is between the crown and the brim.  That's why I took a closer detailed picture. 

I like the color shift, I just haven't decided if I like how much of a difference  there is between the crown and the brim.  I'll try it again (at some point) starting with the grey repeat of the boucle rather than the white.  I'm also curious as to how the looooong stripes in the boucle will effect the coloring when started in a different portion of the repeat.  The ears are made with an additional strand of Lion Brand Fun Fur in Silver Fox held together.  Because, why would I want to use three yarns from the same company?

I'm now working on Hat Variation #2 which doesn't have earflaps per se.  I'm making the body of the hat with Red Heart Super Saver Black held together with Lion Brand Fun Fur in Black.  This may have been the stupidest design decision I have ever made because it is difficult enough to work with dark yarns or eyelash, working with two dark yarns one of which is an eyelash yarn is just plain suicidal.  I thought about frogging it and restarting the design with the Black Red Heart held together with either the Silver Fox Fun Fur or Lava Fun Fur.  Part of me says to keep going because I do kind of want an all black sample, but I may also be able to achieve that with the Black Red Heart and starting at the beginning of the Black stripe of the boucle.   I just don't know yet, but hopefully I'll be able to share the final results with you next Saturday.

While I was at Jo-Ann's, I also fondled some balls of yarn that were various blends of bamboo and wool.  I've made two small projects with bamboo yarn and I wish it was a little cheaper because it is soooo soft and smooth.  There was a ball of yarn at the store that was a bamboo-wool blend that I wanted because it was soooo luscious, I can't remember the brand or colorway, but someday I will bring a small ball home with me and make a fun or sophisticated accessory with it.  Some day.

As for my mom's sweater, I'm going to work on it while we watch movies tonight, and then some more at the Laundromat tomorrow.  It will get done, and it will get done soon.

Inspiration Book

I have a large number of ideas swirling around my head of projects (crochet and other craft) that I want to try and there a great many post-it notes stuck around the house with partial lists and thoughts that have a tendency to get lost and/or forgotten.  At the BRAG meeting Beck shared her Big Book of Inspiration with us.  It is just a notebook where she can keep her thoughts together in ONE place, rather than scattered about her brain.  I liked the idea so much that I started my own notebook of Inspirations and Ideas.

Right now, this is the only page in the book.  But, the first couple pages will be for lists of project ideas sorted by Crochet and Non-Crochet.  Beyond that I want to keep track of those individual projects with sketches, notes, and written patterns.  There is a good chance that at some point I will rip out the pages and put them in page protectors in a three ring binder, because I like being able to manipulate the order of things and reorganize.

Fun Video of the Day

If you haven't heard of Gangnam style then this may blow your mind.  It's strange, random, and awesome K-pop by Psy.  If you've seen it, enjoy it again.  James and I love it, but the cats don't because they don't like us dancing around the house. I think they're afraid we're going to dance over their tails!

If you're intrigued then you should also check out this article that talks about the viral sensation and explains a bit about what Gangnam style is and this translation may help you appreciate the song beyond the bright and hilarious imagery of the video. 

Post at you later,
     Super Nerdy Hooker

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